Posted by: Le Garfs | July 24, 2008

iPod Battle

So, what is an iPod Battle? People run and stab others with their iPods? What if it’s a shuffle, is that considered a not-so-good weapon? No, nothing like that! 

Teams are set up, and each team tries to play a better music than their opponent, and the winner is decided by the crowd.

The 4th Paulista edition will happen this saturday at Clube Glória, and it’s a must-go party! The teams are Freakstyle, Gossip Blogs, Rraurl and Surface To Air (The last one brought the party from France)

The party continues after the winner is decided with Database, Glow Bitches and Killer on the Dancefloor!

For discount price, R$ 15,00 – send an email to with your names.

Clube Glória is located at Rua 13 de Maio, 830, Bela Vista.

If you see me there, stop to say hello!

Check out this video from a previous iPod Battle


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